COGNAC LEYRAT GLORY Extra wins a GOLD MEDAL at the ISC 2010.

18 07 2010

International Spirits Challenge London 2010 announces COGNAC Results :

The International Spirits experts have discerned a GOLD MEDAL to the GLORY EXTRA by COGNAC LEYRAT.

ISC 2010 results

ABK6 won 3 medals

COGNAC LEYRAT Glory Extra is the gem of a very unique batch of mature Cognac, distilled and aged in the property’s cellars : an amazing and outstanding Cognac  at its natural cask strength, 45° .

Glory Extra 4

c’est donc un Cognac d’exceptiojn5%/vol

A first look at COGNAC LEYRAT Glory Extra will reveal a colour of old gold. The nose has remarkable floral freshness with leafy undertones. This first impression yields to fine spice, notably cinnamon and aromas of stewed fruit and quince.

The palate is exceptional for its smoothness, packed with peach and apricot flavours and with a hint of raisin and honey in an elegant and powerful finish.

Situated on top of a chalky hill-top and perfectly orientated, this renowned LEYRAT estate of 90 hectares produces delicate and elegant Cognacs whose exceptional quality is widely recognised. Present on the world’s finest tables, Cognac Leyrat is the gastronomic flagship within the Domaines ABK6.

Cognac LEYRAT is distributed in 20 countries and is looking for more distributors.




One response

2 08 2010

Felicitation! C’est vraiment un très, très bon résultat pour ABK6.
Voila les autres marques, une liste avec les medailles du International Spirits Challenge:

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