ABK6 Cognac at Angel’s Share Charity Auction

12 09 2011

The Angels’ Share is a unique event gathering all the actors of the Cognac industry for one special night. The charity auction selling exceptional decanters offered by the Cognac Houses is the defining moment of this convivial and generous event.
This year Domaines ABK6 offers two exceptionnal Cognacs specially selected for this auction :


Francis Abécassis knows that the cellars of Cognac Leyrat contain inestimable treasures. He did not imagine however that his daughter Elodie would hunt out in the historical premises of the Domain, in the bottom of an old cupboard, an extremely rare collector’s item: a bottle sold to the Plaza Hotel in New York City in the 80’s under the label « Brut absolu ». Bottled at 88 proof (44 % alcohol), the bottle was preserved intact, in its original wooden box.

Thanks to both an incomparable site and know-how, Cognac Leyrat has been present for decades on the best tables of the world such as the Plaza, a timeless landmarked New York hotel renowned as the ultimate luxury lifestyle destination since 1907.

Abv: 44% during the bottling up
Content: 75 cl.

Photographer : Martron Gérard
Credits : © BNIC/ Gérard Martron

COGNAC ABK6 – Liberté

For the Abécassis family, carefully carrying out every stage of production is essential for making authentic single estate Cognacs. Being free to make no compromise is a true philosophy for them, which allows their Cognacs to unveil excellence. This limited edition of 18 crystal decanters emphasizes this freedom of action.The first decanter has been reserved for « La Part des Anges » auction.

LIBERTE of ABK6 is an exclusive selection of the most exquisite eaux-de-vie housed in the cellars, aged for a long period to reveal strength and typicity. Its aromas are specific of the rancio of very old Cognacs. The spicy elegance melts with the sweetness of honey, in a long and very pleasant finale.

Abv: 43%  Content: 70 cl.

Photographer : Martron Gérard
Credits : © BNIC/ Gérard Martron

Evenning of 15th Septembre 2011 in Cognac, Monnet’s cellars.

If you wish to make a higher bid, pass your order per e-mail : mchalas@cognac.fr or on the website: http://www.interencheres.com (possibility to bid by phone)

Charity Auction organized by :

Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac

23 Allées du Champ de Mars B.P. 18 – 16101 Cognac Cedex – France

Tel. : + 33 (0)5 45 35 60 00 – Fax : + 33 (0)5 45 82 86 54






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