Prowein 2012

28 02 2012
Domaines Francis Abécasssis
«Single Estate Cognacs»
@Prowein 2012

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Domaines Francis Abécassis

Domaine de Chez Maillard

16440 Claix – FRANCE

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Snow at ABK6 Cognac Estate

8 02 2012

It all started on Friday, when we casually read the weather forecast for the weekend in the newspapers and it said “snowfall” in all Charente region. And when we woke up on Sunday morning the vineyard was entirely white! It was freezing. But it was beautiful, and the snow fell all morning long, covering everything in sight.

By the time we dressed up in ski suit and went out into the vineyard, at around 10.30am, there was a good 10 to 15cm coating of snow on the ground.

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Today, there are still more than 5 cm of snow, but everyone is present to take care of the vineyard, the distillery, and the eaux-de-vie gently ageing in our cellars.