Vendanges 2013

30 10 2013

Les vendanges viennent de s’achever sur les Domaines Francis Abecassis. Elles avaient débuté lundi 7 octobre dernier! Il faut remonter aux années 1980 pour retrouver des années aussi tardives dans la région de Cognac. Ceci à cause d’un printemps humide et froid qui a retardé la floraison de la vigne et a freiné le développement des grains de raisin.

La maturation est donc arrivée à terme début Octobre sur la plupart des parcelles et les baies se sont chargées en sucres. La récolte a donc duré  trois semaines sur les Domaines Francis Abecassis, et les quelques belles journées de ce mois Octobre nous ont offert des scènes de vendanges toujours aussi magnifiques.



Angel’s Share Charity Auction 2013

25 09 2013


Evening of 19th September 2013 in Foussignac, Château de Brillac (Charente – France)
See the pictures of the Event :

Angel’s Share Charity Auction 2013

23 07 2013

Over the last seven years, La Part des Anges (Angel’s Share Charity Auction) has continued to grow the worldwide success of Cognac

Once again, Domaines Francis Abecassis Cognac embrace the values of sharing, perseverance and excellence by offering a sumptuous collection of rare Cognacs for this auction.

The skills of our master cellar, the outstanding blends and superb bottles all express a keen desire for finesse and authenticity; a source of real wonder.


Dame Jeanne 3,30 Litres : “Tradition” by Cognac ABK6

This unique “Dame-Jeanne” in blown glass was produced by the famous Verrerie Biot and contains a precious and very old Cognac, both rich and complex, to be served with the traditional glass “pipette”. From very early on, the most exquisite Cognacs have been stored in the traditional glass recipients “Dame-Jeanne” upon reaching maturity. These famous largecapacity bottles with curves protected the eaux‑de‑vie from the air and from light, in order to preserve all of their qualities. We wanted to honour this ancestral tradition by putting this Cognac ABK6 in an authentic 3,3-litre “Dame Jeanne”, from the famous Verrerie de Biot. Tradition by ABK6 is a rich, supple and generous Cognac with vast aromatic complexity. Aromas of cedar, candied fruit and honey intermingle, producing a long-lasting taste and incomparable dimension and richness. To serve Cognac ABK6, this “Dame Jeanne” comes with an old glass pipette, used daily by the cellar master.

• Abv: 43% • Content: 3.30 l


Anniversary set of two Porcelaine decanters: Cognac Leyrat

To celebrate the plantation of the vineyards at the top of the hill on the Domaine LEYRAT 40 years ago, a collector’s edition was created, with two antique Limoges porcelain decanters: LEYRAT XO and EXTRA. In 1973, the vineyards “Combe de Cormier” were planted on the Domaine de Chez Maillard. Forty years later, we are still benefiting from the vines planted at that time. We therefore take this opportunity of the 40th anniversary to remember that anything outstanding which is allowed to mature become magnificent. This luxury wooden box containing two authentic Limoges Porcelaine decanters, reminds the authenticity of French savoir-faire. LEYRAT XO unveils spicy notes in perfect balance with rancio. Cinnamon, gingerbread and liquorice elegantly enhance this very old Cognac. LEYRAT EXTRA offers aromatic richness, finesse and exceptional elegance. Aromas of rancio, woody spices such as cinnamon, ginger and cigar box, followed by ripened fruits develop during tasting. N° 1 (of limited edition of 12)

• Abv: 40% + 45% • Content: 2 x 70 cl

Evening of 19th September 2013 in Foussignac, Château de Brillac (Charente – France)

Cognac Leyrat… One week in Norway!

22 03 2013

From Oslo to Bergen, by Sandefjord and Sarpsborg, Cognac Leyrat Team has been one week in Norway to present our Single Estate Cognac philosophy.

We thank our importer’s team and the cognac clubs for the warm welcome and perfect organization of this event.

Find out interesting moments of this trip throught highlights pictures here:

Warm thanks to all the people we have met during this trip, and please keep in mind that you will be always welcome in Charente at Domaine de Chez Maillard for a complete visit of our Estate and distillery : 

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Domaines Francis Abecassis – Single Estate Cognac – Presentation Video

6 02 2013

Blending « eaux-de-vie » coming from a Single Estate gives the cognac inimitable character and depth. That’s why we have decided to master each step of production in our Estates to create our three brands: ABK6, LEYRAT and REVISEUR

This video relates this unique belief…


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Cognac Leyrat EXTRA GLORY @Berry Bros, London

5 02 2013


Cognac Leyrat Extra Glory is now on sale at berry bros London, Britain’s oldest wine and spirit merchant, having traded from the same shop for over 300 years.


You can order online the Cognac Leyrat Extra Glory from England here:


Happy New Year 2013!

7 01 2013


Toute l’équipe des Domaines Francis Abecassis vous souhaite une excellente année 2013.

All the team wishes you a wonderful year 2013